Remember When

Speak to me

As though it were to be the Last

Think of me…not here at the end

But the beginning, when I had no Fault

See me…infinite

Reminding you time holds no sway

Drawing a final grateful breath

Praying eternal

Feel me  succumb to these moments

Greedily accepting their light…

For there is no tomorrow

Tell me thunderously I will endure

Let the Mountains crash upon me…

The World having already heard my rumble


3 thoughts on “Remember When

  1. Hi Bayquaderer, This is a very moving poem, made me think of all those who have served, are serving and those who payed the ultimate price for their service. The last verse is amazing with it’s emotional imagery. I am glad I got to read this astounding poem. The words are heartfelt and beautiful with an underlying strength that bolsters the entire poem. Well done, my brother! Well done!


    1. Thank you very much my brother, I have had some difficulty around this time of year and have not been to my sites, your words are validating and welcome. I wish you a merry Christmas and hope this year bring you everything that in your heart.


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