Ho-Chunk Flag Song

Praying to a time long before me…

How many have stood here, waiting to hear the heartbeat

of our Brethren Nation.

I stand here straight and tall, my spirit amplifying

the deep chasm rising within my Heart, Feeling its power.

When sang, it will not only move me…

but The Mountains Themselves.

Its spirit pours fluidly through our Earthly realm.

Thundering to the next, awakening its generations,

Beseeching them…Stand!

The Nation is singing


5 thoughts on “Ho-Chunk Flag Song

  1. Beautiful poem my brother simply beautiful😊 it gave me goosebumps as I read it. I could literally feel the spiritual power of the song and all the voices here and beyond singing as one. I could feel the pride, too. You are an amazing poet my brother. I am so glad we’ve become brothers. You are an awesome person and a young man. Proud to know you.


    1. thanks so much brother, it is an old song,honoring veterans, standing there holding my eagle staff remembering them. its the way they sing, very deep and low, and really loud. It fills your spirit brother, nothing else matters at that point, because at that point…there is nothing. its a beautiful song

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      1. It really is a beautiful song and veterans share a bond unlike any other, no matter when they served it’s the service that creates the bond. Unless you have been through and a part of this bond it’s hard to truly understand that connection.


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