This is to all of my readers, followers, and friends WORLDWIDE. I hold all of you in the highest regard for  all of your support and friendships that have developed over a short period of time. Each of you has at one time or another enjoyed what I have published over my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I know that many of you are concerned over my absence, believe me it is not by choice. (maybe it is) My accounts are being monitored and censored to a certain degree and are being used against me. Many of our relationships to one another has been called into question at one time or another. Endearing thoughts and responses, along with frequent communications have been called onto question. We are all from many different backgrounds and many different spiritual beliefs. One commonality we all share is that WE ARE ALL ARTISTS! We CREATE visions, some through song, poetry, SAVING WILDLIFE, photographs and paintings. I believe it is in this bond we gravitate and admire each other with a certain degree of grace and empathy, since we all have a story behind what we create through the gifts we have been blessed to share with each other and the WORLD. Not all of us is world renowned and we accept all forms of support and acknowledgment from our peers. I feel that I owe all of you an explanation, and I know that you would not be silenced through calculated precision…..So to hell with it!!! Neither shall I!! Ahaw!!!



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