We the tributaries mightily overflow the river with obscurity

Through said canyon walls, predetermined banality

Its banks swell with the Tears of complacency

Each drop its own measure of despair

Its shelves built upon one another, in hope of breathing a New Day

Its rock bottom mortar shall give each stone a higher sense of purpose

It is the Forgotten, It is the Victims, the Voiceless and sheer numbers

That will swell the Gates of the Castle

An army of “We the People” that now stand, choosing the rivers Destiny

Scooping up the many pebbles, carrying  them a little farther down the Scourge

Each shining a little brighter, closer to the Sun……




(For my People; Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe)

We must make the necessary changes for future generations. We are not here forever.


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