Oshkabewis/The Messenger

The Path now remains Unlit

The Light at the end of The Tunnel, extinguished

From Bright and Lofty promises

One clumsy foot in front of the other, Treading through

The darkness as of Late, Is There No End?

The Light I carry cannot be the only one, I carry it for others, and Its will remains

Fearlessly trudging through the Swill of politics and Less Than

I have become by thine own Heart,  A Messenger(Oshkabewis)

Do not forget unsavory Deeds, but remember what it took to do

What you could not, or would not do, in the error of Entitlement

That others stood in your Obligation

It is “WE” you owe entitlement, therefore , At Least Acknowledgement

Don’t forget the Music playing nor The Flag in your Hand

When we left to deliver  “The Message”

Now the Anger burns less bright, hence mine

Until you need again……….

I will carry The Light of The Forgotten


I will carry “No Surrender”



and/PARAMEDICS/and the Brave Nurses and Doctors charged in our care/Blessyou



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