Heaven And Hell Collide

Born into Alcoholic Slaveries and Human Bondage

Madness and Life, Union

A childhood stripped  of penny candy and balloons

A far off wish becomes The Coveted

The playground becomes Hell! Kill the Dirty Indian!

Alone I stood, dirty. An impenetrable dust covers the Suns rays

Pitted against Heaven and Hell

My innocent Heart relies on The Virtuous Side of Hell……

Heaven being a long way off

I have come to Love what I have Endured

Beaten To Stand, and Beaten for Standing

Every act of violence committed upon me open to Interpretation

I learn each has a price of Knowledge

I am no longer that child, but still The Dirty Indian

Each year passes and Heaven eludes me, I have proven over and over

That I am Worthy, Yet remain outside its Grace

Through the Eons of Souls Devoured, I have learned to live Honorably in this Life

Even it has come with a price

Through it I have seen Great Defeat and learned Great Acceptance

Found some small measure of Peace……

Where Heaven and Hell Collide




One thought on “Heaven And Hell Collide

  1. Innocence gone, I too, understand and lived this life and passed it on to my sons. Like a ring, it may not have an end, but if we start now, we could break this spinning cycle.


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