The Inevitable Act of War. Bought and Paid For

Our Tribal Nations have been threatened by Encroachment since our Inception together

You have Denied our Treaty Rights until we Exercise them. Fighting you every step of The Way!

Forcing you to put back in Your Mouth a Forked Tongue that preaches Democracy, Liberty, and Freedom of Religion. These words only exist until you Get What You Want, for Personal Benefit or Political Gain. Now with All your Bought and Paid For Democracy, you wish to Absolve our Treaties together, which is by the way, An Act of War! To pump your Poisons outside The Ceded Territories or Through them without Consequence.

What do you think will be The Inevitable Outcome?

It is my Belief that You wish to Appropriate Open War! To use the same Might of your Armies and Weapons of Destruction, to bring further Sufferings upon our Nations, It is Cheaper to go through THEM!

Your Money will Drive The Last Stake!!

Have you not Learned throughout Our Histories, that You Will Have To Kill Us! Rather than be Removed Further from Our Sacred, or Become Slaves to Hidden Agendas.

There is such a Thing Called Honor…..Honor your Future Generations! Not yours, but Ours!

Many of us has Worn The Emblem of Freedom upon our Shoulder’s. In hopes it would give us The Benefits of Freedoms for our Nation. I see now. that is has not!

Everything you Do Not Do..Continually, is a Violation of Our Treaty Agreements!!

I believe We are tired of Congressionals and I believe We Will Stand by Our Sacred.

Your Move.



P.S. When there is Nothing Left To Eat or Drink, and Our Children Weep…

What will we have Fought For?


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