Hilary Clinton

You have beaten Donald Trump thus far, and I am Glad. I am afraid to say that it is the lesser of two evils. Many millions of dollars went to your campaign via Fracking and Tarsands. Throughout ceded territories of Our Lands. Our Nations has since been volatile! Now you wish to absolve the Treaties Made with the American Government, way before you or your family were even thought of. We have not forgotten ALL of the promissory debt owed, in The Name of Democracy. Our nations are the volatile definition of the so called Democracy you claim to uphold. It is my wish, as well as Bernie Sanders that you abolish The Fracking and Tar Sands practice, pump this shit through your own childrens drinking water! The day we see it is the day we will believe that this is a viable and sustainable energy. Hilary, even American Farmers has challenged an Oversight Committee to drink Fracking Water! This is the same water their cattle drink, and children drink. yet they refused to drink the so called viable, acceptable levels ,clean water. They All REFUSED TO DRRINK THE VIABLE, SUSTAINABLE WATER!! hERE WE ARE, on the brink of WAR! and yet your blind eye refuses to accept the decimation, bringing money to a  desolate situation, and yet remain UNACCOUNTABLE! Must be nice. If you truly wish to break ALL bonds of fellowship, what do you think will be the inevitable outcome, we think of the White Race too!!  I dare you to come visit the Poverty that Democracy has Forsaken!

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