A Godless Man prospers upon The Great Suffering of others He Deems Lower Under His Boot……And Profits From It

Stamping out their futures by regulating them into Submission…

A Godless Act of Inhumanity.

I have tried to understand this Travesty of Democracy, and have been subjugated to the Mental Torture of where America Truly Exists, and Where It Stops within My Heart…There Are Boundaries

I have worn The Emblem of Freedom upon My Shoulder as many of My Brothers, Sisters, Aunties, Uncles, of The Lac Courte Oreilles Nation  and Every Other Tribal Nation within America!

Some Gave Some, Some Gave All, and are Still Giving

The Emblem now shines Less Brighter as Our Native People are Still  Subject to Violence and Blatant Discrimination, Furthermore, a Refined Money Fueled Form of Genocide

Also The Most Gravest of Human Rights Violations…

The Right to Exist…

To Pray as I Pray, Yet I am Expected to Respect Your Modified Version of Prayer

I have The Inherit Right as First Nations, To Protect What is Most Important to Me

That is The Future of My people…Our Children

Under The Emblem I Have Worn

I have Prayed for Understanding, Yet I have None. I have Cried. I have cried for Our Traditional Past to Stay Alive. I have cried for Our Futures as Nations

I Have No Tears Left. I have Only Anger In My Heart. Created By Monsters and Evil People That would rather See Us Disappear, Than to HONOR Your Own Malcontent Towards Us.

Your Right To Live Is Not Greater Than Ours!

Together We Will All See The End…I Will Wait For You There

-Bay-Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe-

I Choose Life Over Dishonor…

We All Have But One Future, When It Is Gone….It Is Gone.


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