Grandmother and Soldier boy

My Child, we have clung to The River. Women, Children, Protectors…

Waiting for you to come Soldier boy

The Black Snake Calvary is before us! Spraying its Venom and Fiery Breath

One by One we have Fallen. Only to Rise Again as The Sun and Great Power

Its ceaseless Writhing and Fury, Feared and Fled as The Soldier boy’s came into camp

Riding upon The Winters Painted War Pony, donned with Feathers and Eagle Staffs

His hooves struck The Earth sounding A Great Drum as he came from Many Nations

My child, I hold you close Soldier boy, close to my bosom, close to The Grandchildren

Within My Heart. Close to My Twilight just over The Next Hill

Let My Spirit remain Forever in this Embrace

Let The River lead you to Our Victory!!!

Said Grandmother Standing Rock……


To Soldier boy.




3 thoughts on “Grandmother and Soldier boy

  1. I am so impressed as I read your words. You brought my vision to life of grandmother Standing Rock and the soldier boys who stood over those hills. Love love love


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