To Hell with The Treaties 

Our father’s who art in evil. Coin and dollar fill the cask…

We have paid in Blood and Honor into your version of Democracy and betrothal 


Many War Chiefs lied to in its Reign and within its height built to

A liars scale that has been epic, yet unannounced  to the World

The fruits of Honor and Integrity built upon our Graves has yet to blossom

In your favor, acting as a godless people as you may

Determining and undermining our futures without any acts of Valor, Humanity nor Honor of our Treaties 

If we be enemies, then act accordingly to the Battlefield 

Not a slow precision of your inhumane war of perjury and continuation of thus

Since our inception as Nations

But act for once in Honor! 

That we may be extinguished from the field, but not from your Hearts

That we may act as a brave people 

Not to be Forgotten…


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