A Greedy Man’s Sunrise 

A scourge upon the Earth you have demonstrated your great abilities

Against man, beasts, lands and now water for oil

Having mastered none of its spritual realms, only for greed and power

Lining purses and war chests filled to hold humanity in bondage within its constraints. A true lack of Vision

Allying yourself with something other than Spirit, yet all glory in its name to be had and utilized throughout Inhumanity

A great Snake came from far waters  to my shores. First within the skin of The Pitiful arriving here seeking Mercy. Where is mine Now?

Next it’s skin changed to gold, and infectious fate and sickness within your eyes and soul, Devouring all Life in its pursuit

I still pity you for your weaknesses,  a life form without Spirit

You’re blinders have Forgotten your promises to me that your Heart will no longer acknowledge because of your shame. Yet we Remain

You will not run Forever on this Earth, hoping to escape yourself and what you have left behind

You will come full Circle

This is what is on your Horizon.

-Bay- No Dapl

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