One Minute

At times our fortitude is in peril, jeopardized by ignorance and lack of attention

When we voice to be heard and all ends in silence

Discredited we walk away, keeping our then moment to ourselves…

As to what not to say in present company 

On the morrow our silence is more profound and blame sets in upon us as we have dreamt

Morning coffee and pleasantries fill the Void, as we Remain Silent…

Why should I speak now, when it falls upon deaf ears no matter the price of it

Within the act of dismissal I take my Leave of you

Only holding on to what I wanted to say, I give it to Creator now

Since there is no relevance of time

It is of no consequence now that One Minute remains between us silent…

Just one minute will matter compared to the days of silence only renounced by the deaf

How a lifetime can be surmised within the scale of One Unheard Minute…

We realize our time is short.



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