Ashes to Ashes

Upon scorched Earth I have left in my wake a Soul misled

By a rich man’s squander of time and worth

Incapable to decide within the moment of Self-Treachery and

Other false expectations that are not my own for the sake of

Coercion by a Rich Man’s Society

Nevermind the small and decimated affected 

By monstrous vacations from The Truth

That wrongs become The Accepted, as long as it serves, not me

But you and The Minions of the Wealthy

I must resist the Temptation of easy street and lofty promises 

Lay down myself within the underside of grass and Virtue 

Only to Rise again as The Phoenix along with My Legions of Awareness

So that I may fall from The Sky as Ashes to Ashes…

And sow the seeds of promise, dust to dust


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