The Dance

I’m not sure what spells of the universe draws me from my bed

And listless slumbers

What sounds are hers that beckon me to wait upon these shores

Rythmic and lapping waves initiate the beginning of our

Elemental dance underneath the moon and stars

She glides in and out of my awareness as if she were the mist herself 

Secreting our fray, knowing the dawn will eventually come

The earth and water, wind and fire are the instruments of these

Deep dreams and the surreal 

Great beauty in silent motions 

She will be gone to me again before the first ray of light splits open the skies

Pulling me from my dream within a dream

A solemn loon cries out announcing her departure into those night skies just before the precipice of the dawn

But I think he truly weeps for me knowing she has gone

Knowing what is left when the dance is done

Or maybe we both weep loudly for each other knowing we must always return to these magical waters

Never to dance alone..

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