The ghost and the darkness 

Long shadows cast over my path and these darkest days of mine

Silently stalking me to the beginning of the end across the edge of a blade

Plunging to the hilt my heart and the abysmal agony of my crucifixion

I shall provide the nails

The ghost and the darkness writhe and fury about me

Howling incoherently in their malevolent tongues

Spinning me further into madness…

The Blackness prevails

We know nothing of their evil depths or from which Hell they reign from

We only know that they are unleashed upon the world

Free to lay claim to what is theirs

For their reach is long and absolute

These demons are ageless, timeless…tireless

And have been devouring our immortal souls since the beginning…

With no end to the famine in sight my surrender is final

Now that my destruction is complete…

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