Weight of Consequence

We bear our miseries under the weight of consequence, real or imagined

Each tailored throughout our own designs and occupied minds

Once maintainable postures of dignity now completly bowed 

Laden with sorrow and  fatigue                                                                            

Under sagging crowns and Hell bent crowns royally dragging the possibilities 

Of redemption or impeachment 

Reigning supreme through the attrition of time

Our greatest Devil’s Advocate

A revolving door of inheritance and dynasties of wicked self contortions and

Confrontations of malice and shame upon our 

Theisms and beliefs of severance

Forsake those demonic bonds that hold you hostage within their grips of

Mental slavery and human bondage

Seek your absolutions out from under those colossal cathedrals and spires

You’ve chosen to define yourself by brick upon brick

Tear them down and lay them behind you

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