Deceiving Droughts

Love to lies the distance between us can be measured in years

Tragically filled with your detached interpretations and

Theisms on love have grown weary

Each given in increments 

Bereft of any real depth or awareness of it

Carry your head high faultless heart and false pride!

Carry on the facade of immunity that masquerades within you as life does

My brutal road crawled to the last has ended upon this deserted plateau

Dying for life

Its arid soil steals the meager rains fallen for itself 

Unable to sustain or nurture a jaded heart colored to black

Yet I have risked planting my roots, my dreams, my heart

Buried deep within this hostile patch of crust

Miraculous to survive and decieving droughts

Only the deepest soils will know my resolve

My victory lay hidden beneath the earth

The world as my witness.

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