My secret desires are drawn from the deepest pools and forces

Beyond any restraint or surrender

All her visions due

My eyelids close greeting the company of dreams

Her vaporous form appears to me sailing upon the powerful 

Currents of my emotions

My pulse quickens as the storm is unleashed within me!

Thunder as my heartbeat! Lightning strikes from pen to paper!

A torrent of Blood Ink flows furiously in my attempt to capture her!

Luring me deeper, deeper than anything I’ve ever hoped to desire…

It is I who’s been captured like a thief cast in marble

Frozen in midnight rapture within those liquid eyes that transform

Before me as a dream. Blues to green, all the colors of the sea

Back to the richest earthly soils of blacks to the deepest shades of mocha

The embodiment of fertility and creation aware of her power

I Ask! What man would not tremble within his sleep or wake?

For I seek no absolutions here, only to drown in favor

Never will I set foot in Hell!

For I am already in heaven

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