For you…

No matter how I’ve chosen to resolve or how I’m remembered

Just know that I’ve loved you not on what’s done

Only something that has yet to achieve gain within your eyes

And there is no perfection my love and I’ve run my road

Trying to exist within these backdrops of torture

Only to be asked to do my will in the end

Pinnacle to what’s been gained within a knowing soul

A ravaging and looting I beg you

To take what I’ve treasured given for one ounce and yours

To carry taboo and witches Hell Fire with Hell to pay

That I gladly lay down now and wait

For you…

3 thoughts on “For you…

  1. Very cool…one sided love huh? I’m thinking…of that song “The lion sleeps tonight”, I cant imagine why, but there it is…just some crazy woman’s random thinking.


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