A Blackmailers Scrawl

Look down upon this madman and his heretic of hearts

Raging defiant within a world that pits itself against his divine lunacy

Where humanity judges without humanism

Or that his tortures are spawned from monsterisms and terrorism

High crimes perfected upon the prey easy masses and desperate

He is forced into submission not surrender…yet

Usery languages and interpretations are read in Braille

Unwritten by the blind or spoken from them remain his enemy

His truth has no ally here among the shakey graves of the dead and buried

Coerced into a final rest within these silent graveyards

Riddled with tombstones and epitaphss, their only witness that they were here

Written in a Blackmailers Scrawl while offering them a pariahs crown

When that bell tolls the hour

And then you are gone…

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