The Devil behind

We say take that fire in your heart and go, go fast

Haul ass just above another phantom episode among the living

Despite our wake and the weight of water over our path

It says go quietly but not silently

Everything’s been said just the same

Our only hope remains between you and I now, my oldest of enemies

It may live within my heart aches, and no one sees it

Wide open to it all and all that it can promise

With the strength to leave our atrocities

Beside the roads we wander

Another unknown route alone with you

Where courage grows upon this side of the road so sweet

All my own now

You will always belong to me

So let these waters take me now to somewhere I’ve never been..

I say goodbye to you here…

And when it has cost me all that I have been

I will tell myself to wave goodbye…

Leaving the devil behind…

Change for the better within our wars… Bay.

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